Sparing no effort from zero is what makes originality.




The original textiles we develop can be divided into two main directions.
The first is highly practical fabrics.
One is to propose patterns with conscious of easy to take pattern those designer thinks "I want to use it!”.
The other is challenging fabrics that arouse the curiosity of designers who say “I have never seen textiles like this before!”.
We also have employees with specialized skills as a company existing in the production area,
We take pride in our ability to create fabrics from scratch if taking the time to do so and be able to produce textiles those no other companies can match.


Expanding the possibilities of textiles with the newest software


当社はテキスタイルデザイン専用ソフト4Dbox PLANSを標準装備。企画立案からサンプルアップまでの時間短縮を図り業務の効率化を実現しています。


Our company is equipped with the dedicated textile design software 4Dbox PLANS as standard.
We are working to improve the efficiency of our operation by shorten the time from planning to sample up.
In addition, the introduction of this software has greatly expanded the range of design simulations, which enabling us to create a wider variety of textile designs and to respond to customer orders in a more detailed manner.
The virtual sample, which is a highly accurate image of the actual textile finish, is also very popular.
Our dedicated planning staffs, who conduct design simulations, are the same generation as the user group targeted by the business partner brand
We are always planning and proposing new textiles based on the brand's needs, timeliness, and advancedness, without forgetting the life-sized perspective of women who find them "beautiful" and "cute”.


古野 初姫

Hatsuki Kono

2021年入社 企画


Joined the company, planning department in 2021
After graduating from Ogaki Sakura High School's Clothing Design Department, she entered Chubu Fashion College. I was attracted to the manufacturing that was rooted in the production area of Bishu. In my job search, I looked for a company that designs textiles that make the most of the production area, and I joined "Daisho Fashion Textile Co.

Knowledgeable and experienced personnel are available.




We have sales staff with deep and wide knowledge of textiles and fashion.
As well as related about fabrics, we provide our customers with knowledge and information gotten from market research, internal and external seminars, on-the-job training, overseas training, etc. and train our staff to contribute as good partners to our customers.
We have not only sales ability but also planning ability, so our strength lies in our ability to make precise proposals those meet the needs of our customers.
Our founding principles are "manufacturing" and "human resource development", and we will continue to raise the level of our skills and improve the human power of our staff each.